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Weedsday Playlist: Cannabis Concierge’s Josh Taylor Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Cannabis Concierge’s Josh Taylor

Cannabis Concierge’s Josh Taylor

Oregon’s & California’s Cannabis Concierge CEO and founder Josh Taylor designs and produces a number of cannabis events in the PNW and along the West Coast. Perhaps you’ve attended one of his many Cannabis Concierge soirees or maybe one for Weed The People, Green Friday, The Summer Fair or Toke Talks. His work as a caregiver through the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program for the past 10 years— researching and providing cannabis recommendations and products for everything from pediatric epilepsy to end of life issues— combined with his 15 years as a tour manager in the music industry has given him a unique perspective as to how cannabis is used by musicians while touring and in the studio. These experiences have shaped his backstage budtending services for numerous artists, festivals, and venues.

With his finger on the pulse of the industry, Josh’s weekly Cannabuzz column for the Portland Mercury is worth a read. MAGNETIC couldn’t wait to showcase Josh’s curated Weedsday Playlist, not only because he’s one of the coolest cats in the cannabis scene but because he’s got great taste in music. 

“What You Do To Me” by BlakRoc

This pairing of The Black Keys and a collection of some insane talent from the world of hip hop and soul (Mos Def, Q Tip, Nicole Wray, and many others) was criminally overlooked, and represents a perfect hybrid of genres, like a well cured handful of Jack Herer. The first MC, Billy Danze, has this syrupy flow that the first time I heard it I knew, just knew, he was high. Sure enough, the fantastic official video shows the song being recorded, and the man is generating thick, storm clouds of weed. His indica speed verse is followed by Jim Jones, who must have been hitting a blunt of Durban Poison prior— there is an amped up jittery energy that too much sativa will do to me. Then there’s Nicole Wray, laying out a chorus that’s as smooth as some Frenchy Cannoli hash.

“A Mess, The Booth That Soaks In Palacian Musk” by Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces was started by Ishmael Butler after Digable Planets, perhaps best known for their single “Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like That), broke up in 1995. Ish and his musical partner in Shabazz, Tendai "Baba" Maraire, are some tremendously righteous cats whose work reveals new layers with repeated listenings. When I write my weekly column, it’s really stoned with this as a frequent soundtrack. I served as the “Backstage Budtender” at the kick off of their recent U.S. tour, and both members spoke about the value of setting your intentions when partaking of cannabis. The head bobbing chorus is made even better after a powerful hit or bong rip.

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“I’m Just A Prisoner” by Candi Staton

It was the morning after the wedding of one of my best friends, Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers frontman), where I had “cannabis cupcake catered” the reception for 200+ guests in Athens, Georgia. A friend was driving me to the five hours to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and slipped in a CD with an opening track that cut through my THC hangover like a laser. I was still so high that I couldn't trust that my ears were hearing something this perfect. The album has been recorded at the legendary FAME studios, and the driver informed me the majority of the band, The Swampers, had been at the reception, and partaken.

“All or Nothing” by Nikki Lane

This song, with a drawl of a guitar riff, sounds stoned from the get go. Nikki and I have been high together in multiple states while on tour, and she always pulls tough. Many times, I’ve seen her hitting a vape whip while holding a joint in the other hand, then walk on stage and positively slay this song. The organ is greasy like a hash oil stripe on a joint, and drums and guitar are in that perfect space where being high just increases the pleasure of hearing the interplay. Plus, there is this weird “shoo-ba doop” that echoes out so quietly you aren't sure if you really heard it.

"Squadron" by The Last Artful, Dodgr

I was recently asked to provide cannabis concierge services for a secret recording session, and one of the three artists on this collaboration was The Last Artful Dodgr. This is my go-to track from her catalogue, which truly should be seeking urgent medical care, because it’s extremely sick. It’s woozy and sounds like you just ate a strong edible. Plus, her voice is like some unique landrace strain, with it’s own complexity and unique properties. She also is the last one standing in any smoking circle, every time. 

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