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Today I've got a premiere off Lovedancing Record's latest EP, Soul Sides, an outing from Brooklyn based Will Buck and Prtmnto. These two have been spinning across the city for quite some time, building up cred and expertise all the while. "Do It To Me", coming in hot on the b-side of the record, is the epitome of class. The effortless bass-line plays footsie with the swinging guitar sample, building up tension like a master: slowly but surely. When the sexy vocals pop in and the track crests over the tender piano riff, everything reaches an extremely satisfying climax. Magical!  

Vinyl available for purchase today

By now if you've been following Magnetic's disco coverage you're intimately familiar with Sleazy McQueen and Pontchartrain. Key figures in the scene, they run a top label, Whiskey Disco, and each produce stellar tracks on the regular. Some time back they kicked off an offshoot label, Lovedancing, whose infrequent releases have all been quite legendary.   

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