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YouTube Adds Expanded Credits With Songwriter, Label & Publishers Info

Now will it pay them more?
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YouTube has finally taken the step to acknowledge the behind-the-scenes creators and machine that makes everything happen for the music that appears on their service. They have announced a rather dull initiative called “Music in this video,” which provides expanded artist, songwriter, label and publisher credits on the songs & videos you are watching and listening to.

The info will appear when you click the “show me” tab and be available for over half a billion videos across YouTube. They can be for fan-made tutorials and vlogs as well, not just songs on artist’s official channels.

"YouTube is committed to providing recognition to all of the people who contribute to the creative process, and this is just the beginning," the company said. "Through our industry partnerships we will expand the scope and quality of data to ensure all creators are credited as completely and accurately as possible."

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This is only a small chunk of the music on YouTube or at least the videos that have music in them. It is unlikely you find this info on the myriad of unauthorized videos. This is made possible by the data and tech from “Content ID,” which identifies music across their platform.

Also it should be noted that YouTube will get their info from publishers and music rights societies around the world, who don’t always have the right info, so it won’t be 100% correct every time. 

As of this writing, we haven't see it rolled out yet, but it should be there soon.

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