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YouTube Launches Music Charts In 44 Countries

It has trending artists, top songs, videos and more for 44 countries around the world.
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YouTube is using its massive amount of streams and data to launch its own charts titled YouTube charts. Going into Billboard’s territory, it is offering an alternative to music charts with all of the data it has on who is streaming what and what is trending when. It has launched its music charts in 44 different countries.

In the United States it has the trending videos, where nine of the top ten are hip-hop and the other is from Céline Dion and her track for the Deadpool soundtrack. The top songs and videos are also dominated by hip-hop. However if you flip to other countries around the world, hip-hop is not the most dominant force by any stretch of the imagination. The charts show who was the most played in the past week.

Looking at the charts, it shows the divide between the Billboard changes and YouTube, which offers fans the opportunity to stream music for free without a paywall. Billboard has prioritized paying streams over ad-supported streams and this could impact hip-hop’s dominance on the charts, especially when factoring in YouTube streams. This could make it harder for a song to go viral and rise up the single charts. 

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