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The 15 Best Hip-Hop Tracks of May 2018

New music from the likes of Childish Gambino, Pusha T, Mac Miller, Zaytoven, and more.
Taken from Childish Gambino's "This is America" music video 

Taken from Childish Gambino's "This is America" music video 

The surgical summer has arrived and May just happened to be one of the craziest months for hip-hop in recent memory. Not only did Kanye West announce three new albums (Including the Yeezy produced Daytona from Pusha T, which actually did drop in May) but we also got an amazing beef between King Push and Drake as well as albums from A$AP Rocky, a new American anthem from Childish Gambino, and a whole lotta gang shit from from a colorful cast of hip-hop's very best. Honestly 15 tracks was not enough for this month and while I had to leave out a few bangers, I tried my very best to showcase the top tracks of last month. So without further ado, lets get into it. Please remember that these are in no particular order! 

1. Lil Baby feat. Drake - Yes Indeed

While I haven't really been listening to Lil Baby for that long, I have heard about him and it's well documented that he has been running shit in the streets for quite some time. You have to be pretty legit to get a Drake feature on your album and "Yes Indeed" was my favorite track from Baby's project which shares the same name. 

2. Anderson .Paak - Bubblin 

All I have to say is IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME! Paak has finally returned with a new single and its every bit of dope that I hoped it would be. AP is one of my favorite live performers in any genre and I can't wait to see him perform this one next time he comes through LA. 

3. Pusha T feat. Rick Ross - Hard Piano

This was the stand out track on Pusha's new album "Daytona" and while I thought the project as a whole was a little underwhelming, there were still some great moments including the verse from Rick Ross on this track. 

4. Pusha T - The Story of Adidon (RIP DRAKE)

This by far is the best song Pusha has put out in years. There is nothing better then a good diss track and this is a god damn masterpiece. Drake is an easy target for sure but god damn! We all witnessed a murder on this one and I can't help but play it over and over and think that drake is sitting by himself somewhere just sobbing. Will Drake respond in June? It's doubtful but we can still hope! 

5. Denzel Curry - Percs

There is a reason why I keep including Denzel Curry on this chart. Not only is his energy infectious but he's actually rapping is ass off on every single song! You can;t deny the kid's talent and he just continues to get better on everything that I hear. 

6. Jay Rock - WIN

I got my first taste of Jay Rock during my WBR days when he was actually the first member of TDE to get a major deal. He has continued to put our solid music but his latest single "Win" has some serious replay value. The beat is fire and it really compliments Jay's flow. 

7. Childish Gambino - This is America 

This is probably the most important hip-hop song to come out in May. The music video is fucking brilliant (241 million views in a month ain't bad!) and hip-hop is in a better place as long as we are getting new music from Donald. 

8. Zaytoven feat. Future - Mo Reala

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Zaytoven also dropped an album in May which featured some of hip-hop's biggest stars including Future, 21 Savage & Gucci Mane. 

9. Playboi Carti feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Shoota 

Mr. Milly Rock himself teamed up with Lil Uzi Vert on "Shoota" which as you would expect from both of these guys is laced with autotune infused lyrics about watches and gun toting gentlemen. The beat is also addicting as hell. 

10. Dave East feat. Nas - NYCHA

Fresh off the soundtrack of the Netflix original series "Rapture," Dave East and Nas team up on the gritty track "NYCHA." This song is incredibly dope on all levels (lyrics, flow and beat). To me personally, this is the kind of song I think of when I'm looking for a real hip-hop track. 

11. Crash Land - The Path

As a new wave of rappers continues to flood into the mainstream from the depths of Soundcloud, Crash Land prepares to hold down his place as one of the dopest up and comers in the game. You can tell from his latest song "The Path" that he's got a ton of potential and I look forward to watching where this kid goes. 

12. Lil Peep feat. Clams Casino - 4 Gold Chains

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have been a Lil Peep fan for a long time or anything, but Clams Casino isn't just throwing out his beats to anybody. I may have been late to the Peep party but I have built up a lot of respect for the late rapper as I've gotten a chance to dive into his catalog. This one will grow on you the more you play it. 

13. Lil Gnar & Lil Skies - Drop Top Benz

Lil Skies has to be one of my favorite "lil" rappers in 2018 with out a doubt. This song is short and sweet and is perfect to bump while you ride around town. 

14. BlocBoy JB feat. Lil Pump - NuN Of Dat

I know what you're thinking.. Lil Pump... on a best of anything list... Hear me out. BlocBoy JB is one of the hottest emerging artists in the industry right now and his style actually tag teams perfectly with Pump. It's ignorant and pretty basic but it works! 

15. Mac Miller - Programs

Our boy Larry actually dropped 3 new tracks in May and while I could have really featured any of them on the chart this month, the beat on "Programs" stood way out compared to the other two. Mac goes wayyy off on this one and it's always a pleasure to get new music from him. 


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