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Today, UK mixer company Allen & Heath has finally announced the successor to the now legendary 92, which they've called the Xone:96. The new mixer brings some much needed updates to the new mixer, taking what made the 92 so successful for the past 15 years, into the modern age. And while at first glance it may just look like a 92 with a new paint job, the new 96 is a serious mixer for serious DJs.


New features include: two soundcards, two separate headphone cues for independent monitoring, being able to use the second headphone cue as a third FX send, DJ booth monitor eqing, a new crunch harmonic distortion in place of the LFO rate, new 3-band eqs on the A & B stereo return channels, an Innofader crossfader, and now fully Traktor Scratch certified right from the get go. Check out the video of the new mixer below, and stay tuned for our extensive product review in the near future.  

Connectivity possibilities are endless 

Connectivity possibilities are endless 

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