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Australia's Largest Known Record Collection With 80,000 Vinyls Is Up For Sale

It would take six-and-a-half years to listen to this collection from front to back.
Not a picture of the collection, just a pic of vinyl

Not a picture of the collection, just a pic of vinyl

If you are a fanatic of collecting vinyl, think again. One man, Ken Perkins in Australia amassed a collection of about 80,000 vinyl over his, including some that are nearly 100 years old – dating back to when vinyl was just being made. Perkins died last month and now his family is looking to sell the collection.

Perkins spent over 50 years building the archive according to ABC Gold Coast. The entire collection would take six-and-a-half years to listen to it in its entirety. An exact price is hard to create because of how many records there are and how rare some of them are.

The collection includes jazz, blues, 50's rock, records, surf music and just about everything in between. It is a massive archive of music.

The family has been in contact with modern antiques expert Dr. Daryl Sparkes to help with the process.

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“I don't think you'll ever see another collection like this in your entire life," Dr Sparkes said.

The family would rather one person buy the whole collection at once to preserve just how incredible it is rather than parsing away some of its genres.

"We believe it does have cultural significance and historic significance," says his daughter, Natalie Perkins.

Dr. Sparks agrees with that point, saying the government should get involved.

"Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure." There is an Instagram account for some of the rarer pieces. 

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