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Beat Fever Links Music Makers & Fans Through Mobile Game

The app licenses previews from songs for fans to tap along to.
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Beat Fever


Beat Fever is a relatively new music app game in the long line of the guitar hero model that helps music makers connect with their fans in a different way than just spam on social media, actual music or concerts.

The app takes licensed music from songs from across music such as mega-hit “Despacito” and tracks from R3HAB, Steve Aoki, Monstercat and others for players to tap along to. Once the player finishes up the song, they are prompted to listen to the full song on the streaming service of their choice, which increases streams and drives revenue to those who get pieces of that pie.

“Beat Fever licenses and markets my music to fans around the world creating a whole new avenue for my music on the mobile phone," says R3HAB. “I’ve seen amazing engagement on Facebook, and millions of streams of my new songs through their support. I can’t wait to drop my new album in Beat Fever, as part of my global marketing plan this coming August.”

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It has also helped some up and coming acts to get more buzz around their songs too.

“We launched ‘Take Me There’ by Conro in Beat Fever on the same day the track dropped on all music platforms and saw a spike in followers, streams, and views,” remarked Orri Sachar of Monstercat. "It’s now Conro’s breakout hit for 2018 and has climbed the Mediabase Dance Radio Charts, currently sitting at #3 in the top 5 alongside Marshmello, Calvin Harris, Zedd and Cash Cash.”

In the future, Beat Fever says they hope to license thousands more songs, “allowing music fans in Bogota to enjoy their favorite local artist as easily as their favorite DJ in Ibiza.” Beat Fever is available on iOS and Android. 

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