[Beef] Sauce Walka - Mask On (Future Diss)

Sauce Walka dishes out the disrespect with “Mask On” (Future Diss).
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From Drake vs. Pusha T to N.W.A. vs. Ice Cube, diss tracks have become notorious in hip hop culture. Coming off his latest project “Drip God,” Sauce Walka comes in full-speed throwing bar after bar calling out Atlanta rapper Future.

Albert Walker Mondane, known as Sauce Walka, was born in 1990 in Houston, Texas. Being raised between a mother struggling with addiction and a father known for being a professional wrestler and athlete, Sauce’s style and lyrics are heavily impacted from his rough upbringing.

Sauce Walka

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Typically, Houston artists would rap about the same three things: drugs, dealing, and women. Unlike what was popular at the time, Sauce Walka delivers track after track filled with emotions that he felt when his mother struggled with her addiction and when he needed to pimp out women in order to survive in the streets of Houston. 

In addition to his unique style of rapping, Sauce Walka introduced many to his idea of “sauce.” From being considered a system of beliefs and almost considering himself a God, to a word used to describe swagger and flavor, Sauce Walka utilizing his unique slang in order to set himself apparent from rappers in the mainstream and the underground.

“Mask On” instantly draws you in with a hypnotizing hook and a heavy hitting beat. Feeding the demand for beef in the hip hop scene, Sauce Walka questions the truthfulness and legitimacy of Future’s lyrics from his well-known track “Mask Off.” He calls out Future's lack of a plug, glorification of gun violence, and even knocking Future’s Percocet out of his hand in the artwork.

With his new project coming out, Sauce Walka is pushing the boundaries on his lyrics and delivery to show us the true power of the Sauce.

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