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Canada Passes Law To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

They will be the second nation in the world to do so.
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The Canadian Senate has passed a law that will legalize recreational marijuana across the country. With Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s support behind the law, Canada is now set to become the second nation in the world to legalize recreational marijuana.

Uruguay became the first nation to legalize recreational marijuana in 2013.

Medical marijuana has been legal since 2001, but now adults will be able to carry and share up to 30 grams of legal marijuana in public. Adults will also be able to grow up to four marijuana plants in their house and create edibles for personal use.

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There are still quite a few hurdles to clear before the entire framework is setup, though they hope to do it quickly. Individual provinces and territories will be responsible for drafting their own rules regarding the sale of marijuana. The advised timeline for this has been eight to 12 weeks. So sales should begin sometime in September.

The bill C-45 will set the minimum age of purchase, consumption, sale and distribution at 18, but provinces can raise the age if they want according to CNN. New retailers will be created where individuals can purchase some marijuana in a space where you can’t get alcohol or tobacco. 

Weed will be legalized officially on October 17.

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