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Rich vibrant silks, sumptuous faux fur and opulent embellishment adorn Clio Peppiatt's modern-day femme fatale. Hand-drawn tarot card imagery reimagined in delicate beading and embroidery adds depth and intricacy, juxtaposed with contemporary denim and printed mesh. Glints of silver lace their way through bold and vivid hue - blood red, rose fuschia, lapis and sapphire blues - breathing a further dimension of vitality into the collection. 

Spring/Summer 2018 is inspired by Anna Biller's film 'The Love Witch,' which follows a modern-day witch who uses magic to make men fall in love with her, destroying them in the process. The film explores issues of love, desire and narcissism through a highly stylized, elaborate mis-en-scene. Clio Peppiatt re-conjures the exaggerated femininity undercut by a macabre core that lies at the heart of Biller's film. 

'And When I Walked, I Cried To Dream Again', reaffirms the essence of Clio Peppiatt, born from whimsical, hand-drawn illustrations that transform into lavish embroidery, exuberant prints and refined embellishment. Singing colours accentuate these defining features to create a celestial celebration of the witch in us all.

Styling: Adele Cany

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Casting: Chloe Rosolek

Makeup: Kristina Vidic

Set: Aidan Zamiri

Shoes: Clio Peppiatt x Rogue Matilda

Jewellery: Clio Peppiatt x Tuza 

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