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One of our favourite talents from the future bass and trap scene is treating us to his own hand-picked playlist this week. It's almost impossible to describe the sound of sumthin sumthin, as his frenetic, regularly shifting style refuses to be pigeon-holed. 

With another recent outing on UZ's Quality Goods Records with "Confused," we caught up with the producer and DJ to hear an update on everything he has going on right now - and he shares his Current Vibes in return. 

Congratulations on "Confused"! You’re always pushing boundaries with your sound. What is different about it now, from when you first started out?

Thank you! I think now I’m more focused on telling a story off of my emotion, than trying hard to impress other producers with weird sound design. This has changed my sound a bit, while still keeping my original flavor involved.

What, to you, have been some of the most enjoyable parts of producing your recent material? What did you gain from the process, and what helps you to keep developing as an artist?

Some of the most enjoyable parts of producing my more recent material is being able to fit them into a set and play them out live. It's awesome to see people react positively to what I have on my mind, this helps me gain motivation to continue creating without boundaries.

Who or what influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles?

Something that has a huge influence on my production is hearing anything that is unique in its own way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heavy banger or a delicate composition, as long as it sounds original and tasteful to me, I can gain influence from it.

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Talk us through your year so far, what have you enjoyed working on the most?

This year especially I have enjoyed getting out and playing more shows, it’s been extremely fun testing out new songs and set arrangements to see what works best for my audience. Other than that I’ve had a blast working alongside UZ and the Quality Goods team! Learning so much and taking in everything I can.

How do you want your music to make people feel? Do you feel you’ve achieved this with your new single?

I want my music to make people feel like they can relate to my state of mind. Depending on the track it could be anything from happiness, to extreme anger. As long as the listener can "feel" anything I can say I’ve achieved my goal.

What can we expect from you for the rest of this summer?

Expect to hear more emotionally charged music as well as some awesome announcements coming up! Stay tuned.  

Check out sumthin sumthin's 18 Current Vibes right here. 

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