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Director Of New Netflix Film 'Ibiza' Never Actually Went To The Island

This is hard to believe and also a hard interview to read.
IMS Ibiza Point Blank

There are a lot of things that make you want to smash your head through a wall these days. The world of dance music film has seen some of the big players enter the fray and it hasn’t been pretty. They are late to the boom and didn’t learn their lessons from those who fizzled out (SFX). Now Netflix is getting their licks for their movie Ibiza, which we are finding out the director never even went to the island.

In a really awkward interview with Mixmag (having done a lot of interviews, it hurt reading this, it really did), Alex Richanbach, the director of Ibiza, admits he never even went to the White Isle for his film about three American girls who go and party it up in Ibiza. But Ibiza is actually Croatia because the film wasn’t shot there.

He credits his knowledge of Ibiza to his writer who spent time on Ibiza and then Richard Madden (Robb Stark), who played the role of the EDM DJ and love interest in the film.

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“I sort of watched as much as I could from a documentary standpoint and I read books and did as much as I could,” Richanbach admits. “But the speed of which we prepped the film I wasn’t able to get there.”

He goes on to not really comment on the Ibiza government’s potential legal action against the film for not trying to accurately portraying the island and not filming there. He also talks about drug use in the film, notably one scene where a girl takes three pills at a party, which could be ecstasy or Adderall, it isn’t entirely clear. He also can’t name any of his favorite Djs after saying he is a fan of dance music. I can imagine the publicist for Netflix and this film not being too happy with this one, but hey, you can't control everything can you PR people? 

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