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Lukewarm, Unseasoned EDM Beef: Diplo, Zedd, Max Vangeli Caught In Three-Way Twitter Spat

The beef just tastes very salty. No balance at all.
diplo & Zedd

diplo & Zedd in simpler times

With the world still reeling from IHOP changing their name to the idiotic IHOB, International House of Burgers (no one believes it), there is some lukewarm beef going on in EDM. Max Vangeli has been on vacation and tweeting like he is about to lose his Twitter account in vague sentences about how fake the industry is (BREAKING NEWS) and has attacked Diplo on a few occasions, including his “herpy dick.” Not sure why that was in his head, but it was. This got Zedd’s attention, who responded “100% Truth.”

Diplo, not to skip out on some rather mediocre beef because he always has something to promote, announced that he will "Pusha T" Zedd if the “Stay” producer doesn’t delete his Twitter in 24 hours. I doubt Diplo has the surgical nature of someone like Pusha T, but hey we will see what he may or may not have on Zedd. Are there any kids out there in the world belonging to Zedd? Is Zedd a replicant? Diplo will tell all. 

But maybe the spiciest of it all is Matthew Koma siding with Diplo in this. There is a story there.

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Anyway, Max has a new song out, so the beef helps that. Diplo is messy and always has something to promote and Zedd just couldn’t help himself this time, I guess. Zedd & Diplo do have a small history when Diplo accused the Russian-born producer of ripping off Flume on “Candyman.”

Hey Zedd & Diplo. You guys will both be in Vegas on July 7 for gigs. Maybe do something good for once with your beef and do a celebrity boxing match? Stream it online and put up a paywall, allowing people to donate to one of five different charities as the way of buying access to the match.

It would make normally boring EDM beef somewhat more exciting. You guys don’t actually do anything. Twitter fingers have always been Twitter fingers. 

UPDATE: Diplo did not end Zedd as promised. This beef was even staler than previously thought. 

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