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Exclusive: Frankie Bones Goes Crate Digging At Human Head Records

We take stock of the 35 records he finds on a recent expedition to Human Head Records in Brooklyn.
Frankie Bones

Frankie Bones

New York DJ legend Frankie Bones has been hunting for the best records and playing them for decades. The house and techno OG is an avid record buyer and collector and with that in mind we figured we would send him out into Brooklyn to Human Heads Records to go and get some new music. Frankie Bones did not disappoint, picking up 35 vinyls on the day, which he says is on the low side for what he can do when he comes through with a wheeled suitcase.

“Human Head is one of three NYC record shops which I shop at,” explains Frankie Bones. “They always have a great rotating stock of 12"s coming through and on this particular day I bought 35 records. I usually like to buy between 25 & 100 records at a time. I usually bring a small luggage case with wheels which can travel with 100 pieces.”

Here are a few of the records, with their price, that he found at the shop and a few photos of him shopping.

Sonic Groove Records - "Baseball Fury" - Frankie Bones - Price $21

A lot of my older releases fetch between $10-$50. The higher end items would be my "Ghetto Technics" series, which are rare because only 500 of each were pressed.

Trax Records - Chicago - Various Titles $5-$20

On this day, a collection of Chicago 12" was up for sale. Trax Records being a legendary Chicago House label from the 1980's. To see this many releases in one shot is rare.

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Underground Goodies Volume II - Cajmere - Clubhouse - Price $5

This is the very first pressing of "Percolator" which was called "Coffee Pot" in its original form. Not many people realize that.

Overall, he would rate the day a 10 out of 10.

“I gave todays search a 10/10 because we got there late at 7:30 pm and they close at 8:00 pm. My buddy Stephan Silvestri always takes care of me and knows what he is doing so go check him out. I got 35 records for a great price, lets say under $100.”

Frankie Bones will perform alongside Carl Cox for Teksupport in Sunset Park, Brooklyn this Saturday, June 16. Pick up tickets here.

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