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Exclusive: Krrum Gives Track-By-Track Breakdown Of New Album 'Honeymoon'

Krrum shares what each song means, how they came to be and what went into his debut album.


Leeds-based producer/songwriter Krrum released his debut album Honeymoon on Friday, June 15. Krrum brings together electronic, R&B and pop into a playful, summery, yet at times melancholic album. It is an easy, 45-minute listen, so please go ahead and get into it below. Instead of us trying to give you our thoughts on the matter, we asked Krrum to give you a track-by-track breakdown of what each song means, how they came to be and what went into them. Pick up a copy of Honeymoon wherever you want here.

1. Blessing In A Black Dress

There are themes of life’s cycles and of subversion on the record and the idea of a Honeymoon being more of an aftermath than a romantic thing. So we thought it would be interesting to open the album with a song about closure.

2. Still Love

Whilst “Blessing” feels like a prelude, “Still Love” is kind of the start of the story. A break up song about a relationship but also about the stagnation you can feel in life in general.

3. Waves

“Waves,” was written after what felt like a psychological near death experience, where I got the feeling that life was just a series of repeating patterns, which you can’t escape. It’s easy to notice these patterns but hard to escape them.

4. Phase

This covers a lot of the same themes from the previous songs but more from the perspective of our experiences with music and the kinds of people you meet. People still put music on a pedestal, in spite of the disposable nature in which we consume it now.

5. Moon

“Moon” is about the excitement of the next stage of things and the fear of failing at it. In relation to waves, it’s kind of about the fresh start of the cycle.

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6. Doom Is The Mood I’m In

I always imagined the album being listened to on vinyl and thought of this as the end of the first side and the end of a ‘cycle’. It’s about wanting and imagining the closure felt in “Blessing” again.

7. Evil Twin

The second half is more about trying to over come these issues. “Evil Twin,” being about inventing another version of you to blame for your regrets, which is probably not the healthiest way to do it.

8. You’re So Cool

“You’re So Cool” sympathizes with the other person’s perspective after the break up of the relationship. It’s set in a cinema, watching True Romance as they come to terms with everything.

9. If That’s How You Feel

This song feels like the most important for me, as it’s just a statement to myself to let go of old mistakes and an acceptance that you can’t always change people’s minds.

10. Hard On You

This, in a similar way to “You’re So Cool,” tells the story of the break up from the other persons perspective. It felt therapeutic to see it from both sides, whether it’s true or not.

11. I Thought I Murdered You?

As a way of rounding up the second cycle, we wrote this about the figurative ‘Evil Twin’ always coming back in spite of all the learning you do. But in spite of the self-destructive behaviors, slowly learning how to combat them.

12. Honey, I Feel Like Sinning

This is a song about the good times of a relationship and enjoying a single moment but remembering them from a place of hurt. It kind of leads back into the original break up and completes the cycle. It sounds melancholic but it feels like a positive ending to the record for me.  

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