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Grand Theft Auto Adding Nightclub With Dixon, The Black Madonna, Solomun

Get ready to rave in a new club in Los Santos to some of the biggest house DJs around.
The Black Madonna-25.jpg

Grand Theft Auto is known for a lot of things, but one thing has been known for over the years among fans is its music. Driving around in cars, users can tune into various radio stations that are curated by the game and increasingly artists who provide their own music input. This has gotten more complex as the years have gone on and it will only continue to do so with a new nightclub opening up in the gameplay. The new nightclub in Los Santos will feature new sets from The Black Madonna, Tale Of Us, Dixon and Solomun. This isn’t EDM cheese; they went to some of the biggest tastemakers in the “underground.”

The game recommends that you get in at the ground level since having a nightclub can cover up any other work you may have on the side and listening to sets from The Black Madonna or Dixon while you sling your merchandise doesn’t sound all that bad.

Get ready for the new club in July and watch the video below. 

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