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Instagram Launches IGTV, Allowing Users To Upload Hour-Long Videos

Instagram IGTV


Instagram making its push to compete with the other video content providers of the world like YouTube. It has announced IGTV, a new part of Instagram that will allow users to upload up to an hour of vertical video for others to watch on their phones.

IGTV is aimed at the big Instagram content creators and celebrities, but it will allow everyone but smaller and new accounts from uploading hour-long videos immediately. That option will be expanded to all users eventually according to TechCrunch.

IGTV will have its own app and will also exist within the Instagram app as well. So if you want to watch hours of dog content (we could all use more cute animal content these days) then either app will be your destination. IGTV will be rolled out to Android and iOS in the next few weeks.

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Some of the partners for IGTV are starting to be announced and National Geographic is one of them, where they will air the final episode of One Strange Rock on IGTV.

One issue off the bat to me is that the video is vertical. Seeing people watch videos, TV shows and even movies on their phone on subways, trains and at the gym, everything is sideways. That is in large part because of how things are filmed these days, but the adjustment of watching 10-30 minute videos horizontally versus vertically may take some time. This isn’t a 15 second Instagram story or 6 second Snapchat. They have likely tested this and it may not be a problem in the long run, but I would get a headache trying to watch a vertical video on my phone for that long. 

The company did just cross one billion users, so it will be hard to ignore how it pushes all of its users in one direction. 

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