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Today, online mastering service LANDR, has announced their next step in digital music dominance, in what they are calling Album Mastering. While LANDR has always allowed users to upload multiple tracks at once, the difference lies in than Album Mastering creates a cohesive feel that allows each track to shine, while tying them all together to create that overall polished sound LPs are known for. This in itself is a challenge to even the most skilled of mastering engineers. How did they achieve this? After mastering more than 8 million individual tracks of nearly every genre possible, a few of ours included, the company's AI has built a massively diverse and comprehensive understanding of the audio being analyzed, and how best to approach it. Add to this that LANDR launched their publishing service, and you've now got literally almost everything you need to kick start your music career from one company. For more information, click here

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