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Maribou State Detail New Album 'Kingdoms In Colour,' Share New Single "Feel Good"

This will be the follow-up to their 2015 debut 'Portraits.'
Maribou State

Maribou State

Maribou State have announced the details for their new album Kingdoms in Colour. The LP from Chris Davids and Liam Ivory will be released on September 7 via Counter Records. The pair has also unveiled the tracklist for the 10-track Kingdoms In Colour. To help along the announcement, they have released the album’s sole listed collaboration: “Feel Good” with Houston-based trio Khruangbin.

"Sometimes a chance meeting plants the seed for something bigger," say Khruangbin about the collab. "Such was the case when we met Maribou State at KOKO a couple of years ago. We are very happy to be involved in this project. And we 'feel good' already."

The album shows the growth of artists who have become popular after the release of their 2015 debut album Portraits. It is influenced by their travels and becoming more of a global act.

"The first album felt quite insular for us,” says Chris. "Not just in sound, but literally that it was all written in The Shack. We always had a bigger idea of what we wanted it to be, we wanted to create something that was palpable, that could in some way transport you to another country or another place entirely in your mind."

The idea with Maribou State was always to draw on influences from different parts of the world, by traveling, sampling, recording, we wanted to create this all encompassing thing,” continues Liam. “Which is what this second record has ended up being for us."

1. Beginner’s Luck

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2. Kingdom

3. Turnmills

4. Nervous Tics

5. Glasshouses

6. Part Time Glory

7. Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)

8. Slow Heat

9. Vale

10. Kāma

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