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Moderat Gets The Ultimate Plug In Drake's 'Scorpion' Album Trailer

Moderat's "The Mark (Interlude)" is featured by one of the biggest artists in the world.
Moderat (image by Flavien Prioreau)

Moderat (image by Flavien Prioreau)

Drake is arguably the biggest artist in the world. When his album Scorpion drops this Friday, it will likely give us the “song of the summer.” When he puts on an artist, it is about as big a plug as there is. Drake has released the trailer for his new album and it features music not from the album, but instead from Moderat. He uses the German trio's track “The Mark (Interlude),” which soundtracks iconic moments in the science fiction film Annihilation.

See the moody trailer below with Moderat providing the apt soundtrack and get ready for Drake to take over the musical landscape this summer.

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