We love Sasquatch Music Festival for so many reasons! One of which, it follows Coachella, which we attend every year. Coachella gets us in the festival mood; however, it’s hard to see all the acts and really appreciate the hustle and bustle that ensues on Weekend One. Sasquatch takes place at one of the most beautiful music venues in the United States -- The Gorge and brought along a stacked lineup with the likes of David Byrne, Vince Staples, The National and Modest Mouse

That being said, Sasquatch has done an awesome job lining up some of the greats, who also happen to perform at Coachella. What Sasquatch does better then any other festival is give its attendees an intimate experience and feeling among thousands of other fans. One can really take in a show for all it’s worth and then take a very short walk to the next stage and enjoy more awesome music. We’ve found it to be nice and a rare festival occurrence to be able to move from the back to the front of the stage without having to fight your way up. Sasquatch makes it easy to enjoy the sets from the hill, or right up close and personal, or dance your ass off a little further from the stage.

One of the areas we missed out on last year was the backstage area for the artists and media. It was a great set-up with free drinks, food and vitamin B injections. Sasquatch even provided backstage guests with haircuts and massages! We got to know some really great people here and mingled with some of the artists.

Our only complaint about the festival, and we’re sorry to be bratty, was the subpar food. We know, we’re spoiled at Coachella with fresh KazuNori hand rolls and Shake Shack (best burgers ever) [Editor's Note: Burger opinion represents the authors, not all of Magnetic], but we couldn’t even get a decent slice of pizza as Sasquatch. We ordered a Philly Cheese Steak, but there was nothing Philly, cheese or steak about it (please see photo).

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We did enjoy the free dumplings backstage though and I highly recommend visiting Perl Meni Dumpling Tzar, if you find yourself in Fremont or Capitol Hill. With all the great restaurants in Seattle, we really think that Sasquatch should invest a bit more time getting some chefs out to give the festival goers as epic of a tastebud experience as they get from a music standpoint. After all, the purpose of a festival, in our option, is to get the most out of all of our senses!

As far as the review of music goes, this year we are going to do things a little different. Instead of writing a ton of words for each of our favorite acts, we are going to let the pictures do the talking. We spent a lot of time trying to capture the essence of each act with an image. We really hope you like them! So without further ado, let’s begin!

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