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Playlist: Emanuel Satie's Five Best Songs To Close Out A Set

How you close out a set can create a lifetime of memories. Learn how Emanuel Satie does it with his selections.
Emanuel Satie

Emile Sande

How you end a set is sometimes just as important as how you start a set. Your first song helps set the mood, but your last song is the last impression fans will have at your gig. Sometimes artists will play their biggest track or completely switch it up with a song by somebody out of their field. Emanuel Satie understands that and we have asked the German DJ to give us his five best set closers. There are records from Todd Terje, himself, Denis Sulta and DJ Koze on here, so he could cap off the night on many different highs. His new single "Don't Forget To Go Home" is out now.  

DJ Koze - Pick Up

Koze is a master of "final" tracks. Every couple years he drops something that fulfills this purpose perfectly. This one from his brilliant last album is one of them again.

Can't see the song? Get it here.

Denis Sulta - Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP)

A simply beautiful track until an unexpected drop grabs everyone’s attention and gives a little wake up kick. Genius.

Can't see the song? Get it here.

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

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Let’s get to some classic closing tracks. This is the closing track of all closing tracks: everybody knows the uplifting disco vibes on this one, perfect to spread some happiness before the night is over.

Can't see the song? Get it here.

Brassroots - Good Life

This one here is a clever brass band reinterpretation of Inner City’s classic "Good Life." It’s very well done and funky as can be. It’s not for every audience, but when the occasion is right it can make for an unforgettable moment. Good Life!

Can't see the song? Get it here.

Emanuel Satie Feat. Billy Cobham - Don’t Forget To Go Home

The whole idea behind my new single was to make a track that works as the final track of the night, hence the title. Dreamy chords and an uplifting groove makes crowds leave the club with a smile and positivity and the title is a gentle reminder that at some point we all should probably go home. Go home already!

Can't see the song? Get it here.

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