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Premiere: Kidswaste Alias Beauvois Delivers Dreamy, Soothing New EP 'Dimensions'

The Dimensions EP will be released tomorrow, June 28 for Beauvois' birthday.
Kidswaste / Beauvais


How do most people celebrate their birthday? Well me, since mine was six days ago, I watched France win (allez les bleus) and then went to dinner with family and had quite a bit of wine. French producer Kidswaste will be celebrating his tomorrow with the release of a new EP titled Dimensions under his Beauvois alias (taken from his real name Quentin Beauvois) and we have the premiere for you today.

Beauvois has similar elements to Kidswaste music. This isn’t going from electronic music to rock, but rather more downtempo and ambient.

Dimensions is a soothing project with guitar pucks and soft percussion with some Odesza-styled vocal distortion to round out its melodic base. It is a soothing ride from start to finish as if you were floating in space from the Moon all the way to Jupiter or Neptune. It has a dreamy quality to it, allowing the listener to get lost in the little intricacies of the layered and dissipating percussion, guitar and soft synths.

Having been putting out music as Beauvois for almost two years now, this is the best project synthesized as the alias we have seen so far.

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“I've always envisioned the Beauvois sound as something ethereal, dreamy, and easy to listen to. Most of the track titles are usually reminiscent of something that's bigger than us -- that we can't grasp entirely. This is what the Dimensions EP is to me - simple songs with no particular meaning; that will push you to think bigger about things, or just be contemplative of how small we are,” explains Beauvois in a statement. “Bigger than the universe, Dimensions is pushing the idea that there's more than one reality, and that ours may not be the one we fit it or deserve - but it's there, and we need to cherish it.”

Stream the full Dimensions EP below and pick it up when it is released tomorrow, June 28. 

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