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Leitvox is a project brought to us by Christian Cooley, a Miami based musician by way of Mexico City, who makes his living in the craft of sound design, composition, and audio mixing. He first released music in 2012, with his debut LP, Floating Promises, released last year. This year brings us a new EP titled Coded Matter, including this debut for the single, "Moon," which is a beautiful piece of electronic music that moves you emotionally, yet also physically with its ear for the dancefloor.



It's a song about the connections of two people at their cores, and how we become so intimately involved with one another in our relationships. Lyrically its a song about frustration, how one person in a partnership can become distant either physically or figuratively, how it all can become one-sided, and how the impact of relationships bring p together and apart, much like an accordion, throughout the course of time.

"'Moon' is a track that takes my sound further than anything else that I have produced. It is more personal since I only collaborated with Maye Osorio," says Cooley. It's a song that extends beyond comfort zones, yet Osorio's vocal performance is absolutely euphoric, really pulling you into the song, making whole the relaxed, dreamy soundscape that backs her. Lyrics like, "wake up, makeup, sit tight till you hold me, love me all over again" really bring a gravity to the song that is missing from a lot of modern electronic music.

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The video features Carlota Pradera and Lazaro Godoy, a couple who find themselves coming closer together as the video progresses, and are beautiful dancers in their own right. They do an amazing job tying together the theme of the song with their art. The cinematography takes us on an adventure through various natural and industrial environments, highlighting the contrasts between man/woman, industrial/nature, and color vs. black and white.

"Moon" will be released on June 8th, along with the rest of the EP, Coded Matter.


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