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Premiere: Rob Garza Unveils Dark, Pulsing Track 'Velvet Coffin'

Rob Garza unveils a shadowy and gripping new track 'Velvet Coffin' out tomorrow, June 29.
Rob Garza

Rob Garza

Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza may be known just as well for his solo work as he is for his music in the celebrated dance group. Garza is releasing a new song “Velvet Coffin” taken from an upcoming EP tomorrow, June 29 and we have the premiere for you now.

Garza does what he does best on “Velvet Coffin.” It starts out almost with a bit of a Blade Runner feel to it and then tunnels into a dark, brooding piece of electronica, with a steady, thumping kick drum and shadowy synths moving around in the mix. Intricate percussion is layered to the bass line as various melodic elements ebb, flow and pulse, making this a gripping listen all the way through from start to finish.

"’Velvet Coffin’ is a dark and foreboding track with pulsing sub-bass and watery percussion that journeys the listener through a shadowy intoxicated subterranean underworld,” Garza explains to Magnetic. 

"Velvet Coffin" will be available to pick up tomorrow, June 29. 

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