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Premiere: Xinobi Reveals Dreamy Remix For Wild & Free 'Ferns and Stuff'

The remix will be released on Xinobi's label Discotexas on June 22.

Discotexas owner Xinobi has taken it upon himself to remix a new track from LA disco house duo Wild & Free “Ferns & Stuff.” The Portuguese producer and label owner adds a dreamy take on the tune, keeping the mellow vocal a focal part of the song over soothing synths, soft percussion and swaying melodies.

The Portuguese producer may not have the same power as his countryman Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is a similar smoothness to how this moves. It is constantly evolving and growing with its soft and subtle melodies.

“We can't wait to share Xinobi's remix of our song "Ferns and Stuff." We've been big fans of his spacey, textural sound forever! He always finds a way to stir your emotion and spark memories,” say Wild & Free. “We've been caning his new record 'On The Quiet' since it came out, and his remixes (for artists like Zimmer, Lazydisco, and his Discotexas cofounder Moullinex) are always such a treat. To us, his remix of ‘Ferns and Stuff’ sounds like an audible sunrise. You can almost see the rays peeking out as it evolves.”

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This remix will be a part of a larger remix package for “Ferns & Stuff” that will be released on Friday, June 22 via Discotexas. Stream is below until then. 

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