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Sasquatch! Festival Not Returning In 2019, Founder Stepping Down

It isn't clear if the festival will return in the future.
Sasquatch Festival 2018 Sign

Sasquatch! Music Festival, a staple of the Northwest festival scene is no more. In a statement made late yesterday by its founder and producer Adam Zacks, he said he was stepping away from the festival and it would not return in 2019. Taking place at The Gorge, the large multi-genre festival had been serving fans in the region for 17 years. 

In the past several years, ticket sales have flagged, which has led to speculation about the festival’s future. It went on until this year, but the speculation has always been there that the festival was in trouble, despite its backing by Live Nation.

The statement does not make it clear the festival will return at all or if it will come back in the future.

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“Today we take a bow and bid a fond farewell to Sasquatch! I will no longer be producing the Festival, nor will it take place in 2019.

The Festival began 17 years ago on a hunch, greenlit on nothing more than a name and instinct there was space for something with a uniquely Northwest flavor, on Memorial Day weekend, at one of the most beautiful locations on Earth - The Gorge.

17 years is a long time to do anything. The Beatles lasted a mere 8 years, a fact so astonishing it is difficult to believe. While we didn’t accomplish anything as indelible as “Hey Jude”, the Festival left a lasting mark and proudly represented an independent spirit.

Sasquatch! will forever remain a tapestry of the people who worked with us, the artists who inspired us, and the varied experiences of the fans who attended it … of friendships made, engagements, hilltop weddings, permanent tattoos, once in a lifetime collaborations, weather events both treacherous and magnificent, at least one very public conception, and, of course, hundreds of awe inspiring performances. My humblest gratitude to all of you.

May the spirit that made Sasquatch! so special live on.

Onward to the next adventure,”

Adam Zacks

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