Spotlight: AirVape USA’s Guide to Shopping for Dry Herb Vaporizers

Not all vapes are created equal. We explore how different materials make a difference with your vape.
Airvape USA

Say goodbye to those harmful toxins, strong smells and burning sensations in your lungs and throat. Dry herb vaporizers are becoming more popular by the day. Whether you are new to vaping, or a seasoned vet, the process of shopping for, or upgrading your dry herb vaporizer, can be quite overwhelming. Here, AirVape USA (by Apollo Vaporizer) shares their two most important tips for shopping for a dry herb vaporizer.

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Not all dry herb vaporizers are created equal.

  1. Heating & Materials:

“Oftentimes, special features such as remote controls and digital displays draw in vape shoppers. However, like any good piece of tech, it’s what is inside that is most important. With vaporizers, it’s the heating element,” says Roland Szegi, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Apollo Vaporizer. “The heating element is the core of every vaporizer and primarily dictates the overall vaping experience a vaporizer has to offer. It also determines how safe a vaporizer is.”

The quality and safety of dry herb vaporizers is primarily the result of the technology and materials used during its manufacture, specifically the material used in its heating element.

There have been a lot of debates within the vaping community as to which heating element materials are best in class and offer the highest level of safety. Experts, critics, and “everyday vapers” have concluded that their top pick in material is ceramic.

“Ceramic is inert - it is this quality that makes ceramic heating elements a top favorite among vapers,” says Szegi.

Ceramic heating elements, such as ceramic heating chambers found in dry herb vaporizers, won’t chemically interact with the herbs during vaporization process. This results in pure, unaltered flavors as opposed to the weird taste that some heating elements infuse into the vapor.

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Ceramic also burns at a slightly higher temperature than aluminum (3000º F vs. 1220ºF) and does not emit toxins or foul odors in the inhaled vapor. This makes it a safer option compared to aluminum. Aluminum heating elements are also prone to corrosion and tend to oxidize when they come in contact with debris. In comparison, ceramic is resistant to oxidation from airborne particles.

Ever wonder why ceramic ovens have been used in pottery since time immemorial? It’s because ceramic conducts heat extremely well. In vaporizers, a ceramic heating chamber conducts heat to maximize vapor production and flavors without reaching the point of combustion or burning the herbs.

A word to the wise: Vapers shopping for ceramic dry herb vaporizers should be wary of cheap ceramic products that are extremely porous and fragile. Dry herb vaporizers such as Airvape X and Airvape XS follow strict production guidelines and only use the highest grade materials.

2. Temperature Control:

“If you can’t get good control over the temperature of your vaporizer, you defeat the purpose of the herbs you have purchased and are putting yourself at risk,” says Szegi. “Cannaboids and other common herbs all have varying boiling points. Vapers need to be on the lookout for products that can not only get the herbs to their boiling points, but also maintain the temperature. For patients especially, they’ll need to activate specific cannaboids to help target their medical conditions.”

For loose leaf vaping, below are the “boiling points” of the three most common cannabinoids:

  • CBG: 57°C/126°F
  • THC: 157°C/315°F
  • CBD: 180°C/356°F

Likewise, here are the ideal vaping temperatures for the other common herbs used in dry herb vaporizing:

  • Lavender: 130°C
  • Valerian: 235°C
  • St. John’s Wort: 100-150°C
  • Chamomile: 190°C
  • Yerba Mate: 150-190°C

Whether you are a recreational user, patient, first-timer, or social smoker, AirVape USA has something for everyone. The wide-variety of user-friendly sleek models and colors at affordable price tags have become favorites in the vape community. Not sure which model is right for you? Drop AirVape USA a line and someone will get right back to you. AirVape USA ships internationally. 

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