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Spotlight: Ed Is Dead - Rob A Bank feat. Alice Wonder (Reworked)

Ed Is Dead remixes his new album in a 10-track reworks album titled 'Your Last 48 Hours Reworked'
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Ed Is Dead

Ed Is Dead

Spanish producer and songwriter Ed Is Dead has released the music video for his upcoming rework of his own track “Rob A Bank” featuring Alice Wonder. This is a part of a larger album of reworks titled Your Last 48 Hours Reworked by various other artists including Piek, Clara Brea, Skygaze and Dub Elements.

Working on these songs was tough according to Ed Is Dead, notably his own. "The difficult part was to get rid of all the heritage and habit of creating the original track, and try to take the story to a completely different place, a delicate and emotional one. This album is basically about that, about introducing different musical points of view of the same story.”

The video is taken from a live performance where the group is placed in the middle of a batch of vertical lights, surrounded by a dancing crowd.

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The reworks album will be available on Friday, June 29, so check out the video now as a teaser of what is to come from the full 10-track remix LP.

1- Rob a Bank feat. Alice Wonder (Ed is Dead Rework)
2- Kidnap a Politician (Skygaze Rework)
3- Have a Fight (North State Rework)
4- Make Someone Happy feat. Mani Obeya (Piek Rework)
5- Spend Sometime With You feat. Lucia Scansetti (Clara Brea Rework)
6- Get Drunk feat. Nikki Garcia (O mer Rework)
7- Heroin (EdOne Rework)
8- Jump Out Of An Airplane (Vlack Motor Rework)
9- Drive Fast (BSN Posse Rework)
10- Family Dance feat. Odille Lima (Dub Elements Rework) 

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