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This past weekend was the seventh year for Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival with a huge line-up including Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, Kaskade, and so many more. This was one of the biggest years for React Presents’ Spring Awakening Music Festival after moving from its beginnings at Soldier Field to Addams/Medill Park.

The festival saw a huge turnout in attendance with estimates of about 100,000 people throughout the weekend. We saw bigger and better stages and production this year with a decrease in sound bleeding. While the layout stayed relatively the same, it was a perfect setup to dance from stage to stage without getting stuck in huge crowds of people. Even though it was a wet year for the festival, we don’t think there could be an unhappy person at this festival, saving those stranded in the pesky water line. With packed lineups, amazing food, and carnival rides, there was something for everyone. 

There were a thousand things we loved about this festival; however, we have got it down to five of our favorite things from this weekend that you just didn’t want to miss out on. Here is our list of favorites from React Presents' highly anticipated festival, Spring Awakening!


Who doesn’t love food? If you said “me,” then you’re only lying to yourself. Every festival season, vendors from all over step-up their festy food game, making it only better and better for us. This year was no different at Spring Awakening Music Festival. The whole inner circle of the festival was covered in food -- perfect for easy access and reduced long lines. Some of the most popular vendors were the food trucks, including Cheesies, one of our favorites, who is famous for their gourmet grilled cheese. You could choose from tacos, grilled cheese, BBQ, fried chicken and more among the food trucks. One of the most popular items wasn’t from a food truck however. This year everyone loved the Tacos in a Bag, perfect for getting some munchies without even having to stop dancing!

Tacos in a Bag SAMF

Chicago Skyline

One thing that makes Chicago so magical is it’s beautiful skyline. It’s not an easy thing to capture with one whole side of it being a lake. But, React Presents found the best location for the festival with the skyline right in the background, which was absolutely awe-inspiring at night. Not many festivals you go to have such an impressive backdrop. Something we love about React Presents is that they make sure that their festivals include artists from Chicago. It is important that Chicago is represented at festivals in its own hometown and show the world the talent they have. Some of the best moments were when any of the local Chicago acts were playing and you could look over and see the skyline that was their inspiration!

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Spring Awakening Skyline

Corona Electric Beach Dome

If you needed a little break from the heat or that unforgiving rain this weekend, the Corona Dome was the perfect oasis for you. The dome transported you to the beach of your dreams outfitted with tropical plants, swimsuit clad women, the fluffiest sand, and, the best part, all the Corona you could want. The whole weekend you could find a party in heaven with artists playing non-stop and people dancing all day. One of our favorite moments was Sam Feldt’s set on Saturday. His tropical house set sent the dome over the edge and really did transport us all to a beach off the coast of Mexico. 

Sam Feldt x Corona Electric Beach

Silent Disco

This year the Silent Disco was overhauled and made bigger and better, just like it’s counterpart stages. While we loved the idea of bouncing around listening to up-and-coming artists on a bumper car arena, it was time for the Silent Disco to get an upgrade. Monaco hosted the Silent Disco this year and was able to provide a larger space for you to dance around with your headphones or you could hang out in the lounge with the Monaco team and your festy crew. This was the perfect place for you to take a break from the large crowds and huge stages without sacrificing any valuable dancing time.

Marriage Proposal

Pride Month is well underway across the globe, celebrating the LGBTQ communities. The electronic community has always been one for acceptance and love of all people no matter who they are, with its roots in the LBGTQ community. For one couple, it was the weekend of a lifetime. On Friday, Markus Schulz set was going on in the trance arena when two festival goers, Dusty Carpenter and Sam Albright, were escorted on stage to dance to Markus Schulz’s "Destiny." Both were dancing and singing along when the lyrics on the screen shifted to “Will you marry me, Sam?” Everyone in the tent went absolutely crazy as Dusty got on one knee to ask Sam to marry him! Sam said yes! It was an amazing moment hosted by the React team and Markus Schulz. This was a huge statement right in the middle of pride month and showed the love that the electronic community holds. Congratulations Sam and Dusty!

Spring Awakening Marriage Proposal

Dusty and Sam's Proposal 

It was another great year at Spring Awakening Music Festival! We can’t wait to see what React Presents has in store for us later. Let us know what some of your favorite moments were at Spring Awakening!

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