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Lights/Out Interview: Steve Bicknell [6Dimensions/Ostgut Ton]

Ahead of his LA performance, we caught up with the prolific techno artist for a quick chat

For those in the know, Steve Bicknell needs no introduction. For those who aren't, Steve is a highly respected techno producer and DJ, who's worked with some of the most legendary artists and labels in techno. The UK-born, Berlin-based artist has played clubs like the Berghain, Tresor, Liquid Room, and many more. The artist will be descending upon LA for a stellar performance this Saturday, but fortunately we were able to catch up with him before hand. Check out the interview below, as well as his latest EP, 'Mind Patterns', out on his own 6dimensions imprint. 

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Over the course of your career, you've had the chance to sign, and work with, some of the most influential artists in techno. What are some of the key factors you look for when deciding if you want to invest time in a new artist, whether in the studio or with signing their records?

If I like it I like it, if I don't I won't……

Basically I’m the key factor, I make decisions on artist and music quickly it’s a natural spontunisity. One thing I have learn about myself over the years, is If, I need to listen to something more than once to make a decision whether if I like it, it’s usually not right for me. Once I have made a decision on the music I will then chat with the artist to get an understanding of the human they are, what their expectations are and why they produce music.

Throughout the years, you've remained cemented in top quality, no-nonsense techno.

Nice to hear you think so……

I'm wondering if you could explain how your sound, and production process, has evolved over the years, without losing sight or quality?

Be honest with myself, and reflect to find myself in music I produce, I don't think what the audience will like, I just do what makes me feel comfortable. If I’m not comfortable with what I produce, I just don’t produce, which is why I stopped recording between 2005 - 2013.

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You've played in some of, if not most of the top techno clubs on the planet. Places like Berghain, Tresor, and so many more. What are your thoughts on the growing underground scene here in Los Angeles? Do you think it could ever reach similar levels as a city like Berlin?

I think every city has the potential to grow, but cities can only develop musically when the time is right, as to develop it takes people to develop it, so the city has to wait for the right people with the right intentions. From my experience at Interface’s 15 year party I consider LA to have a very healthy and cool Techno scene. Any city that accepts the ideal of diversity will have good party.

In all of your experience as an artist, DJ, promoter, label head etc, what is the single most important advice you could give to a new artist who wants to achieve what you have?

Single most important advice! Be yourself…...

Be visionary, clear, patient, kind. True to yourself and as open minded as possible. Find the right people to work with, Don’t work to be someone else.

Last question, how do you keep your hair so silky smooth?!

Hahahahaha…… Just smile

Order Mind Patterns here. 

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