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Sub Focus, Chase & Status, The Prodigy & More Release Drum & Bass Compilation For Mental Health

This is linked to Getahead Festival, the first 24-hour music event devoted to mental health and music.
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Mental health has rightfully become a very important topic in entertainment for those in creative industries in general in the wake of some very high-profile suicides over the past six weeks. As dance music tries to deal with the harsh realities of what the business can do a person mentally and physically, some are trying to make change. Ben Verse of Pendulum is attempting that, by gathering some of his friends in the drum and bass community like Sub Focus, The Prodigy, Chase & Status to create an album titled Mind State Vol. 1 that raises funds for mental health causes.

“The first stage of avoiding mental illness is being able to talk to someone," says Ben Verse of Pendulum in a statement to Billboard. "For musicians to be able to call a number, have a chat and share what they’re experiencing before it gets to last resorts such as drug or alcohol dependency to hide from the problem. The music industry is not a 9-to-5 job. It can be such an incredible roller-coaster. From traveling all over the world, finding yourself in different situations, meeting all sorts of people, to giving it your all, especially those younger artists. With MIND STATE Vol. 1, we want to encourage people to reach out and talk to someone. When you start suffering from any sort of mental health issues, we hope people will know they can reach out to others and work out a balance in their life.”

The album is collaboration with Getahead Festival, the first 24-hour music event devoted to mental health and music. 50% of the profits will go to Help Musicians UK and its Music Minds Matter service.

Getahead will arrive in London this Wednesday. Tickets are available now and you can pick up a copy of the album now at your favorite retailer, though the tracklist may be a little different depending on where you are in the world. 


1. Chase & Status - All Crew

2. The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (Killbox Remix)

3. Sub Focus – Circadian

4. Spor feat. Linguistics - Pull The Sun Down

5. Benny L – Moments

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6. dBridge & Skeptical - That’s Nice

7. Calyx & TeeBee feat. Ben Verse - Caution

8. Artificial Intelligence - Say Now

9. The Upbeats - Externumator

10. Icicle - Disarray

11. Need For Mirrors - Chapel

12. North Base feat. Kelly Louise – Over You

13. Proxima – Trek

14. Document One - Never Let Go

15. Groves - Fragments

16. The Vanguard Project – Too Late

17. Battery – Looking Good

18. Koiva – Bison (Halogenix’s ‘Lordel’ Remix

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