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Imbued with the spirit of unearthed primeval hoards, Boodi jewellery encapsulates the symbols of civilizations passed. A nod to simpler times. Exotic amulets hold spiritual messages; the elements are celebrated; animals represent freedom, the future and what we might be if only we could be so bold.    

Boodi is an artisanal jewelry brand founded by designer Sarah Marafie. Born and raised in the Middle East, her Kuwaiti background and love of traipsing markets with her English mother for old, tarnished Arabic ornaments, jewels and rugs has had a strong influence on her. Home was an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, on display and in cupboards. Rummaging through these finds, as well as her mother’s jewelry box, grew into a fascination for discovering objects, treasures and trinkets, fantasizing on tales of their journey. Sarah has a deep love for animals and their welfare, rescuing strays as a child and throughout her life. Asked what she would be when she grew up, Sarah answered, “Someone who cares for animals.” Animal welfare is an important factor in the Boodi purpose. 

Organically combining these two loves, Sarah began to craft jewellery and so Boodi was born.

BIJA, Boodi’s first collection, meaning seed in Sanskrit, is a capsule for new beginnings. Comprising chunky torc necklaces and bangles, signet rings and dramatic sun and moon earrings, the collection features powerful symbols with positive messages. Ethically sourced, delicate sapphires and citrines blossom on fruitful trees, bringing accents of vibrant life to sparkling sun rays or the carved landscape of mountain peaks. 

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Boodi’s new collection of animal coin jewelry features the beautifully detailed depictions of animals found on disused coins. Given new life by banishing any letters and numbers from the object it once was, Boodi creates delicate hammered pendants and earrings with a new emblem; Animal Love, Respect, and Freedom. Turning the negative into a positive - 10% is donated to Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary.    

The precious metals in Boodi Jewellery are recycled and each gemstone is ethically sourced and fully traceable.
As with the coin collection, several pieces in the BIJA collection are also linked to animal welfare charities, and 10% of sales are donated to them with each purchase. These charities are Animals Asia, Born Free Foundation and WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation). In the Boodi philosophy, all life should be treated with respect and animals should run wild, swim far and fly freely, like the human spirit. 

Boodi is more than a collection of jewellery; it represents a positive way of life. 

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