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Ticketfly Back Online After Hack, Users Still In Dark About Personal Data Loss

The investigation is ongoing, but names, addresses, emails and phone numbers have been taken.

Users, venues and other interested parties were not too pleased when they woke up Friday to find out that Ticketfly, one of the larger ticketing companies in the United States had been hacked. In response, Ticketfly had shut down their website to try and assess the damage. Hundreds of shows were disrupted for venues who were selling tickets for shows over the weekend. An assessment has not been released yet, but Ticketfly has come back online for venues that need to sell tickets through the service.

Ticketfly has confirmed that information from users was compromised. Names, addresses, emails and phone numbers have been compromised, including potentially yours truly. So if you had your info there and stolen, it could be sold and then more spam calls. Fuck yeah. They have left us with this statement.

“Last week we learned that was the target of a cyber incident. In consultation with leading third-party forensic and cybersecurity experts, we confirmed that some customer information has been compromised as part of the incident, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of Ticketfly fans,” says a Ticketfly spokesperson. “We understand the importance our customers place on the privacy and security of their data and we deeply regret any unauthorized access to it. This is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to provide updates as appropriate.”

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There have been reports that nearly 26 million users have been compromised, but the company is not confirming this. They are linking to a FAQ with some vague information about the ongoing investigation. They didn’t specifically answer if the site is secure, but if it is online and taking orders, one would hope it is.

Now looking forward, will venues look to switch from Ticketfly to another service if they believe that trust has been too damaged with the company? Or will they stick with them and believe this could happen to anybody, even Ticketmaster?

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