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Ticketfly Confirms 27 Million Users Had Information Compromised

Passwords, credit card and debit card information were apparently not stolen though.

The fallout from the Ticketfly hack last Friday seems to settling with the investigation showing some results. Ticketfly has confirmed reports that 27 million costumers had their information stolen from their servers.

This is bad, quite bad, but it isn’t as bad as Experian. According to Ticketfly, names, addresses, email address and phone numbers connected to the 27 million accounts were stolen. They say that passwords, debit and credit card information were not compromised.

However, they reset everyone’s passwords on June 2, so if you have not logged onto your account since then because the site was down or you haven’t bought a ticket in the past few days, you will need to reset your password.

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“Last week Ticketfly was the target of a malicious cyber attack. In consultation with third-party forensic cybersecurity experts we can now confirm that credit and debit card information was not accessed,” says a Ticketfly spokesperson. 

“However, information including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers connected to approximately 27 million Ticketfly accounts was accessed. Upon first learning about this incident we took swift action to secure the data of our clients and fans. We take privacy and security very seriously and regret any disruption this has caused. We’re extremely grateful for the patience and support of the Ticketfly community.”

You can check their FAQ on the matter for more info as there is more. The website is back online and according to them safe. 

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