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Video: Crash Land - The Path

The mystery of Crash Land is finally revealed in his new music video.

The video opens with Crash laying flat on the ground as if he was just waking up from a “crash land,” and follows him walking around a desert looking planet, searching for some sort of key? From the orange glowing visor, jumpsuit and space boots it’s clear that Crash is on a journey from a distant star, but what is he looking for? Climbing up high on a rocky ledge he finds some sort of pyramid gem and heads out into the horizon while providing a tight flow of rapping and performance shots. The video ends with a flash of light and a title card that says to be continued, here’s to hoping we find out what happened to him sooner than later.

The Path is the third single to drop from Crash Land and his first on hip-hop label EMPIRE. You can stream & download the song here.

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