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Video Premiere: Hawke Unveils Trippy Visuals For 'WarPeace' (Onionz Savagely Angelic Mix)

The trippy video remixes a track from a 2017 album 'Love In Stars.'


South African-born DJ and producer Gavin Hardkiss, aka Hawke, has released five albums over the past two decades, most recently in 2017 Love In Stars. Hawke’s single "WarPeace," from the record is getting a pair of remixes from New York’s DJ Onionz and Curious Yellow with some trippy videos to go along with them. We are happy to premiere the DJ Onionz “Savagely Angelic” remix and its video.

San Francisco projection artist Donovan Drummond created the video utilizing Prelinger Archive footage and 1960s psychedelic holographic effects on top of the footage. The melodic, psychedelic techno matches the visuals to a t. The video explores how opposing ideas such as war and peace can seem so far away, but in reality can be right next to each other.

“Are we living in a time of War or Peace? Well it depends which side of the tracks you're at,” Hardkiss explains. “If you don't have food or shelter, it sure seems like war. War isn't always fought with soldiers. Walk down Market Street in San Francisco today and you'll see the casualties. But a child will dodge the homeless people and the needles on the sidewalk and play hopscotch with the rubble. I love that quality of youth. Kids don't give a shit if a bomb went off."

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Watch the video below before it is released along with the Curious Yellow mix on Friday, June 29. 

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