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Weedsday Playlist: Green State of Mind’s Orlando Vega Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Orlando Vega

Orlando Vega poses with a Sour Bhotz

One of Oregon’s first medicated gummies to hit medical dispensaries in 2014 was brought to market by Orlando Vega, a Puerto Rican butcher turned cannabis entrepreneur. Conceptualized in the streets of NYC and born in Portland, Oregon, Sour Bhotz was formed. With the hope of turning his dream of creating and developing ingestible cannabis products into a reality, Orlando has been able to grow his “one-man army” into a full fledged producing company, Green State of Mind, Inc.. With a little bit of love, fucking up, and trial and error, he was able to bring Sour Bhotz, Sour Bitz, Sugga Bitz, and Sucka Bitz to the people of Oregon. And, they are delicious!

“Cannabis allows you to connect with certain special people. You pull a joint out and it brings people together,” shares Vega. At a young age, in the melting pot of NYC, Orlando learned that cannabis brought different people together. He enjoyed being able to connect with people who, not only appreciated cannabis, but who also had similar interests in music, art, and creativity. That’s why we asked him to curate this week’s Weedsday Playlist. Puff, puff pass and enjoy the tunes!

“I Wanna Get High” by Cypress Hill

I really dig the samples and the beat of this song. It’s melodic and slow paced. You can just smoke a joint and close your eyes. Honestly, though, the song makes you feel high without even being high. I also love the fact that they’re latino, a big plus for me.

“Still Smokin'” + "I Smell Smoke" by Mystikal

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This song is basically about his day as a smoker; it’s very relatable. I like the references of all the different types of rolls that you can use when smoking anything from papers to cigars. You have to listen to "Still Smokin'" and "I Smell Smoke," they’re continuations of each other.

“Oz’s and Lbs.” by Wiz Khalifa and Berner

This is one of my favorite Berner songs. I really like the way he goes in on the track. The tailoring of Wiz Khalifa’s rhymes and Berner’s is so good. I really like the beat of this song and the cello intro- even the way the guitar comes in. Of course with Harry Fraud on production, you can’t expect any less. I really think Berner showed himself out on this one.

“Police in Helicopter” by John Holt

This song reminds me of the Reagan/Bush era of anti-narco efforts abroad. It’s a very 80s, really cool, mellowed out song that’s great to smoke to. I also like the mentions of the people wanting to rebel against the man by burning down their crops.

“Eyes a Bleed (RZA Remix)” by Masta Killa, Bounty Killer

I’ve always been a fan of Wu-Tang and Bounty Killer so when I heard the collab with RZA behind the production, I immediately fell in love. It’s the way that they were able to remake a classic song without ruining it and keep the true integrity of the original track.

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