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Weedsday Playlist: Tiller Founder Jess Columbo Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass and play with this week's Weedsday playlist.
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Jess Columbo

Jess Columbo

Jess Columbo is a writer, professor, and the founder of Tiller, a Portland-based digital and creative shop, exclusively servicing clients in the cannabis industry. She decided to do this after a decade in PR for products like natural food, alcohol and more. This is also personal for her, having lost close friends and family members to the opioid epidemic. She believes telling deeper, richer stories around cannabis that combat the stigma around it, advance public health, social justice, and sustainability initiatives and increase diversity will help the narrative around the cannabis industry. With all of that in mind, we wanted to have her come in for a Weedsday playlist with tunes by the likes of Banks, Lizzo and more.

1. Leikeli47 - Money

Try not to bob your head as she comes into this bridge. A serious lyricist out of Brooklyn, this chick wears a MASK for fuck's sake. What's not to like? I play this whenever I need to remember that I own my own power; that I decide what it feels like inside my own body; nobody else gets to decide that for me. Leikeli is for an existential, boss lady smoke.

2. Nipsey Hussle - Grinding All My Life

This is my current late-night, grind-it-out work jam. Roll a skinny J of GSK, turn the volume up in your headphones, and you will literally become Tony Montana - even if you're just cranking out creative briefs and month-end invoices.

3. Goapele - Closer

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In college, one of my best friends turned me onto a lot of Bay-area music. I fell in love with Mac Dre and E-40. She and I would "ghost-ride" my car through the backstreets of Tacoma, Washington. So stupid. So much fun. Anyway, this angel is out of Oakland. She's not Bay-area hip hop; she's international, intergalactic R&B. Smooth. Rejuvenating. Play some Goapele when you need a soulful self-care session.

4. Lizzo - Truth Hurts

My current weekend anthem, along with about a thousand other white girls here in Portland. Lizzo makes me think I have swag. Lizzo makes me think I could spit something, myself (I absolutely could not). And the reggae sway makes this song a sweet smoke sesh companion. Plus, it's perfection post-every one of your disappointing Tinder dates.

5. Banks - Fuck with Myself

Banks is so ridiculously good. Love the slow, sexy drip into this song. Reminds me that being badass doesn't mean I can't be playful and funky and soft. Also an excellent smoke & sexy-time tune, if you know what I'm sayin.


6. Bone Thugs N Harmony - Ecstacy

"I been smoking weed for a very long time. Why should I change?" Take me back to high school, when my boyfriend and I would park his grimy 1984 Toyota down a dark street in the neighborhood, put on a scratched-up Bone Thugs mix tape, and pull out a questionable baggie of dry, brown chronic. Fast forward a few decades, and almost everything's changed - better boo, better car, much better bud - but this beat always brings me back to a simpler time.

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