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Let's argue. 

What is indie, anyway? Is it just a status? Is it those artists who have clawed their way from nothing, who have no million dollar representation, who are those who can only be discovered by someone like me before they "make it big," or is it more, less, or something other than that? 

I'm here to make a declaration: indie is a sound. No more no less. It wouldn't be a genre otherwise. Can it be rock? sure, there is indie rock, but it is indie rock due to its distinct sound. Should there only be guitars in indie music? My instinct is to say no. Is there indie dance? Absolutely, but personally, I'd argue most of the songs published under that banner don't meet the sound requirements to achieve such label. 

I don't care if an indie song is from Universal or You Nerve Ursula. It's about how it sounds. The sound alone is how I choose what gets placed here because you should know everything that sounds good, not just those songs that get this distinction or that. With that in mind, here is the creme de la creme from July 2018. You deserve it.

1. CARDS - Periphery

There is something about her that causes peripheral vision to adjust its color spectrum to red, blue, and green. This only occurs when she speaks to you, but now that you are mesmerized by her spell and her loving, she calls you all the time and as a result, you find yourself impressed with all of this free loving to the point where you can shred amazing electric guitar features over a grooving bassline. Swoon.

2. Joywave - Blastoff

Distant lands always have mysterious qualities about them that we will never fully understand, but we can count down and blast off into some heavy guitar riffs and it makes everything much more awesome. The moment we realize we have somewhere to be is clear, yet distorted. Away we fly into space and time.

3. The Dig - Million Dollar Man

Gotta make a million dollars. No shoes, no clothes, but it's time to hustle and figure out how this is going to happen. Wild West. Boots. Vests. Blood, sweat, and pain. We're on our way. Gotta make a million dollars. A very large, black automobile with a woman inside is important to this venture. Just make sure you don't lose your mind.

4. Still Corners - Black Lagoon

We open ourselves into a dreamland, turning into tides, watching beaches from afar. Its wet and the moon is overhead, everything is mysterious and beautiful and you are here with me. But you're not supposed to be, this situation should be forbidden. I'm drawn to you, I can't escape. We run headfirst into this place, the black lagoon.

5. Lusts - Lost Highway

Where did the highway go? I seem to have lost it. I'm going to look into your eyes and see if you know where it might be. Perhaps we should get moving, it has to be around here somewhere. The anxiety will disappear eventually, we'll start to relax, and then the highway might show itself to us. Is there a secret path to the highway? Let's drive.

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6. FUKC - Chill, Winston

Winston. WINSTON! Just chill, Winston. I know it's a big city with big lights, and it wasn't fun at all for you but you gotta just chill. You can't use being with a woman as an excuse to want to leave and if you're too aggressive and start spraying mace at people she's not going to want to be your lover. At all. Just chill, Winston. Don't be that guy.

7. Capital Soiree - Almost So Close

I don't really want to leave but I'm going to leave. I was almost so close. Almost. I want to believe but everything is changing so fast yet moving too slow and it's too much, reaching out but it's just not graspable. Maybe I need to get one of those robotic arm extensions. But I'm just going to leave. So close, almost.

8. APRE - Without Your Love

Love is this binding thing that not only provides closeness but also casts a shining light over us. Without love, we don't feel those things. So instead we are left with an overwhelming darkness and our attraction to others seems like a vast distance, even miles, where it makes it so difficult to grasp any level of closeness. 

9. JEEN - Any Moment

There is heat, and therefore there may be explosions. So let's walk on water, perhaps this might help buffer some of the intensity of these moments of living where things can happen at any moment. When everything falls into place it will become gold, like a sunset.

10. Pijama - Ponytail

How did this ponytail get on my head? I don't remember putting my hair into a ponytail. I'm living in dreams, taking pills, talking to myself. I don't have my shoes anymore. In fact, I was found walking around without anything on at all. No. Oh no. I don't know.

11. Fever Joy - Shots

Please wear a coat when you're cold because it is important to maintain a relatively comfortable body temperature. If you're a person who leaves the house often, a coat might be something you'll need. You call the shots on this one. It is your choice to decide if you're going to be comfortable.

12. Brand - Survival Secrets

I'm going to tell you secrets. These are the secrets to survival. Please don't tell anyone. Can you feel this? I do not want to hear any complaints on your part. My secrets are aflame, and you can feel the heat emanating from them. I'm at a financial institution taking out a mortgage so I can tomorrow. I resent survival.

13. Sloes - Misunderstood

You have placed your hands on mine, and your arm around me. I am completely dependant on you to lead me where promises have drifted. I am unable to see where you are leading me. Things keep changing and there is a high level of misunderstanding. The glass can be half empty or half full, but can the glass be refilled?

14. The Gloomies - DFIL

I have woken up and I need to get out. I need to get lost. I'm going to leave all global positioning systems away in my quest. There is no desire for interaction with others. I am not asking for directions, but I am becoming afraid. Everyone go away. I would like to undergo plastic surgery to modify my appearance so you won't recognize me.

15. Satellite Stories - Carried Away

I made a choice and I acted on it. It is the choice I made. I don't know if it was the best decision in the end but sometimes I just get a bit overzealous, you know? My phone is lighting up but I can't even look at it. I'm just looking around. I don't know how to solve this. This is it. This is the end.

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