Summer is in full swing and we're staying cool with the music that's hot, hot, hot! Fifteen of the best indie tracks released for June are here for you and it's another amazing list of tunes selected by the fine folks at Indie Discotheque. This is a month of clean percussion, steady guitar chords, and satisfying synth embellishments and vocal treatments. Let's get into it!

1. Her's - Low Beam

The combination of the vocal style with the light, wispy guitar really makes the song captivating. The bass line is effective in keeping the music moving forward, and the percussion is well rounded and steady. The softer vocal moments get a bit overdramatic, but we're allowed to quickly forget when the falsetto kicks in. I hope you keep it comin' (as a matter of fact).

2. Tempesst - A Little Bit of Trouble

I'm in the clouds with this song, with an opening organ and psychedelic vocal echo that really brings you into a place where you're losing your mind. The strings in the chorus add a 70's feel that is satisfying, and a twangy guitar that merges genres in a way that makes it OK to get dressed real pretty and be ready to fight.

3. Cola Boyy - Have You Seen Her

The bass groove in this song is sexy. The vocal performance is quirky and could be adjusted for adjustment's sake, but it's also what makes Cola Boyy unique. I love the addition of noise elements as song texture, and the piano really brings a positive element to the song that makes you start bobbing your head. The guitar solo at the end of the song is a great finisher.

4. Gurr - Hot Summer

What a dance track! I'm ready to embrace the hot summer with a track like this. A bit of surfer groove in the guitar, a bit of garage, and a vocal performance to make you know what you need. This is a song of love and happiness, top-down, beach party, drinking lemonade, enjoying the sunshine.

5. Bad Wave - Deeper Down

This is a driving track. This persistent bass groove to keep you moving. A subdued vocal, almost a warning in its treatment, and overlaid with an almost chime-like piano in the upper range. It's a song with a lot of texture but still so simple in its execution.

6. Juniore - Magnifique

You can't go wrong with French lyrics, a subdued drum and bass treatment on the kit, distorted, echo organ in the upper range, grooving bass guitar and plucking rhythms. This is a persistent song, not grand but certainly magnificent, rising to a finish with passionate crooning and satisfaction.

7. Thrill You Kill You - Never Even Really

This is a well crafted, satisfying indie pop song with a beautiful vocal that makes you want to sing along. This is a high tempo groove with crisp percussion and a steady rhythm guitar. Synth textures in the background add a twinkle to the atmosphere that keeps the song aloft. The electric guitar pulls everything together in the end to add an exclamation mark.

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8. Big Data - See Through feat. L1ZY

The distortion used on the percussion at the introduction of the song really opens things up to an air of mystery, and the tonal dissonance in the melody maintains that feeling throughout. This is a song for the night, having a theme of desire and lust, but from a distance, in the shadows.

9. Just Loud - Electrified

This is a bright and open song that uses that high pitched synth chirp sound. There is a noticeable air and influence of MGMT and Foster The People in this music. I like the compression and distortion throughout, even if there are times when it is a little much. 

10. The Rungs - Trees

This is an upbeat, bouncy song about trees. The vocals are layered beautifully, the synth melodies make nice transitions between parts of the song. I do wish the guitar opened up with a bit more freedom during the feature in the bridge.

11. Harlequin Gold - Without You Now

I don't even know what I'd do without you now, either. This is a wonderfully produced track, it's upbeat, it's catchy, it makes me latch on. The percussion is in this song has clarity, and the pacing of the song is just right. I love how the instrumentation drops out for a bit to let us soak in her voice for a few bars.

12. Hey Geronimo - Disconnect

It's a song about the internet going out, which is relevant to many of today's situations. The melody is super catchy, this is a sing-along song. While it starts playful, about halfway through we get this guitar groove that really moves things forward. The tug and pull of the intensity throughout the song is a nice effect. 

13. Ed The Dog - Yes Men

We put ourselves through it for the money. I don't care who you are, what your name is, it doesn't matter as long as we're getting paid, right? Jobs are like that for a lot of us. But in the end, we'll all be OK, right? This is one of those hands in the air songs, a super catchy groove that you just can't shake off without jumping up and down.

14. Batz - Save Us

The anthem that opens this song is a synth-guitar duet that really sets a grand stage. Shilouettes and currencies. She is the one that can save us. Against the wall. Hearts beating out. There is a respectable amount of layering and texture in this song that draws you in. I can't get over how satisfying the guitar work is in this.

15. Yellow Radio - Fever

The instant siren of the guitar alerts you to the fever that is happening in his head, and we've been pulled along as they're coming for him, flashing lights and eyes blinded. The driving pulse of the percussion keeps up the tension, with satisfying chords and the howls of warning repeated throughout the song.

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