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You've been waiting on the edge of your seat for a great collection of some of the best synth music released in June 2018 and I'm sure you'll agree, Indie Discotheque has found it for you. Bob Moses graces the list this month with their first new single in years, Chvrches finally released Love Is Dead, and Soulwax surprises us with a new album, Essential

1. Bob Moses - Heaven Only Knows

Starting heavy on the harmony and the piano, let's dive deep into a pool of synths bassline that wraps you in a hug. There are a number of synth textures and embellishments throughout that compliments the heavenly nature of the song. 

2. Chvrches - Graffiti

Love Is Dead is finally out, and I am so excited to include "Graffiti" on the list for July. Arguably the biggest synth band out there right now, the soundscape of this song is fully enveloping and the synth is so beautifully arranged for Lauren Mayberry's voice.

3. Soulwax - Essential Three

Soulwax has really surprised me with Essential. "Essential Three" is a minimal masterpiece for a dark room, mostly percussive but with these echoing waves of synth adding some fantastic texture to keep the song flowing. The vocals are in French and subdued with an air of mystery.

4. Fort Romeau - Pablo

If the award existed, "Pablo" would win the Best Arpeggiation of the Month award, because the way these synths swirl around your head is such a satisfying thing. I often talk about songs that are like a wrapper, and this is 100% what I mean by that. It's one of those lay down in surround sound kind of songs that you want to play on repeat.

5. Robert Parker - Make Love feat. Miss K

Opening with bass reduced, one we get full range sound we are greeted with Miss K's voice what has a dreamlike effect applied. The duet portions with Mr Parker are well mixed and they compliment each other well. The plucking of the guitar is a nice staccato effect and the synth solo at the halfway point is satisfying.

6. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Love on 26

It's always nice to hear additional material from such a legendary duo. From the newly released Lost Tracks, Volume 2, "Love on 26" gives us the percussion that we expect, and the storytelling Miss Kittin is known for.

7. Dream Fiend - Kaleidoscope

I'd like to talk more about the song but I have to mention the hurricane emojis that flank the song title in the SoundCloud post. This is a trend that is becoming more common and I'm not a fan. Rant aside, it's a well-designed song with beautifully processed vocals and airy synths.

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8. Go Go Bizkitt! - Hello You

The Bizkitt is back, and this time we're getting that thicc bass, a tempo that's full of groove, and synth textures, chords, and overlays that really compliment the piano, an instrument that really shines in this vocal-free track.

9. Memoryy - Not Over You (Highway Superstar Remix)

I really enjoy the layers in this remix. It can be a bit choppy at times, but it takes a stripped down, raw sounding vocal and applies layer after layer of synth, percussion, and effects that really make it a completely new piece. I particularly enjoy how bouncy some of the synth textures are.

10. Betty Who - Just Thought You Should Know

"Just Thought You Should Know" is an 80s style pop ballad that uses classic sounds with a modern pop ballad structure. While there isn't any new ground being paved here, sometimes you need a classic sounding ballad that fades out in the end. Not enough songs fade out these days.

11. Oscillian - Infinite White

We are in space as this song opens, and the stars are among us. Directions, holding on, reaching lines, horizons, searching for signs. These are common themes that are all present in this song and it's appropriate for the sound. The rise and fall of the synth harmonies are endless and vast.

12. Sunset Neon - Everything (Televisor Remix)

Every so often Televisor hints at going back to his roots but this is the barest, stripped down version of a song I think I've heard him complete. The simplicity is great, and it really helps the Prince-like nature of the "Everything" shine.

13. Betablock3r - It's Too Late

What would the synth chart be without the latest slow jam from Betablock3r? The guitar textures and stereo effects over the chorus really add a pleasing base to the chiming synth. 

14. BUHU - All Eye

We have to put some BUHU in here because this slow jam puts you in a trance with the sixteenth note chords that just keep going and going as a foundation through the entire track. The vocal performance is inspiring, and the background chanting adds a level of euphoria to the song that just wouldn't be there without it.

15. Mulholland Blond - Control

This track has a weight to it that keeps it grounded. The vocals are smooth with a real R&B feel, and the bass slap is so deep that makes you want to grab your partner and intertwine on the dance floor.

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