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Album Review: Ross From Friends - Family Portrait

Ross From Friends has released his debut artist album 'Family Portrait' via Brainfeeder.
Ross From Friends Family Portrait

Family Portrait is the highly anticipated debut full-length release from Felix Clary Weatherall, better known as the producer Ross From Friends. This album comes across as deeply personal, very well crafted and showcases Ross From Friends as an artist who is at the very top of his game.

Ross From Friends is a man whose name has been steadily on the rise ever since he burst onto the scene with his debut EP, Alex Brown on Breaker Breaker back in 2015. A string of EP’s and “12s” followed on labels such as Lobster Theremin and Magicwire which only served to further cement his burgeoning reputation as one to watch. His previous EP’s encompassed a bit of everything, which had been promised in those early single releases. Listening to Ross From Friends it is clear to see why Flying Lotus is a huge fan and therefore no surprise to see Brainfeeder as the place he chooses to deliver his debut effort.

Like all great producers gone before him Ross From Friends has slowly and purposely developed his own distinctive and unique sound that has become instantly recognisable. With a sound encompassing a four to the floor heavy driven sound underpinned by warm synths and fidgety house layered with experimental hip hop beats and soulful vocals there is always plenty going on to keep the listener enthralled from start to finish and you can tell every note has been crafted and considered deeply before being placed on record

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If this release shows us anything it is that Ross From Friends is a man whose sound has no barriers. Preceding singles "Pale Blue Dot" and "Project Cybersyn" fit perfectly alongside the other ten offerings and they were great introductions for what was to come on this record. There are tracks on this record like "Thank God I’m a Lizard" with it’s whispered almost childlike vocal at the beginning that morphs into a soulful stomper, which would work perfectly in a dark basement at 3am. Equally a track like "Wear Me Down" would sound perfect on an Ibiza terrace at sunset. Tracks like "Parallel Sequence" and "The Knife" are more beat-driven with sounds label mates like FlyLo would be proud of.

This album showcases how adept Ross From Friends is at taking his listeners on a true journey. There is something here for everyone, and like all great albums, you hear something new with every listen. In this album you have certainly found the perfect soundtrack to the rest of this endless summer. You may have also found the soundtrack to the rest of the year and beyond. The hype is real and it is justified to say Ross From Friends has arrived. 

Stream Family Portrait below and pick up a copy in physical or digital formats anywhere here.

Words by Joseph Docherty

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