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Arnaud Le Texier Announces Granular Therapy Album On Children Of Tomorrow

After nearly 30 years in the business, the Frenchman is ready for his first album

UK-based French techno pioneer Arnaud Le Texier has announced his first album. With almost three decades of experience under his belt, it might come as a surprise that he's never released an album, but said experience is sure to produce an incredible result. Releasing on his own label, Children Of Tomorrow, the nine track LP will come in both vinyl and digital formats, and will be released this September. Check out the snippets below.


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A1 - Dusk
A2 - Pattern 2
A3 - Granular Therapy
B1 - Black Nympheas
B2 - Blade Pass Frequency
B3 - Binary Sun Dawn - (Vinyl Only)
C1 - Mono Driver
C2 - Snapper
C3 - Virgo Consortium - (Vinyl Only)
D1 - Midi Overdub
D2 - Hideous Engine - (Vinyl Only)
D3 - Dawn

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