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Arturia Announces Drum Brute Impact

The smaller and more compact drum machine packs a serious punch

Today, French hardware company Arturia has announced the Drum Brute Impact, a new smaller footprint drum machine based on the Drum Brute. Think of it as the Micro Brute in drum format. However, the new Impact has taken the original Drum Brute to the next level with new features and engine. The all-analog drum synth comes with 10 ready to use drum sounds, a 16-step, 16-chain sequencer, which allows you to create 16 full separate songs, and a new color feature that can be added per instrument or per step, allowing you endless creativity. Arturia created the Brute Impact to be full of attitude, and instantly playable right from the get go. 


The instruments are as follows:

  • KICK : pounding bass drum with nice attack transients and variable pitch and decay. protocol.
  • SNARE 1 : a big-bodied snare with great, editable snap and decay.
  • SNARE 2 : a trashy snare with a hint of clap, with adjustable tone and decay.
  • TOM HIGH : simple but powerful high tom with sweepable pitch.
  • TOM LOW : pants-shaking low tom that can get so low you could use it as a 2nd kick.
  • CYMBAL : zingy, metallic crash with adjustable decay.
  • COWBELL : a simple but effective percussive cowbell.
  • CLOSED HAT : hard-hitting hat with variable tone that also effects the Open Hat.
  • OPEN HAT : open up the hat sound with changeable decay with a mute controlled by the Closed Hat.
  • FM DRUM : a percussive synth voice with adjustable carrier pitch, decay, FM amount, and mod pitch.

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The Drum Brute Impact is available now for $349. Check out the intro video below, and visit their site to learn more. 

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