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I'm a sucker for Brazilian disco edits. In part, it's because there's such a dearth of uncommonly heard material in the annals of the country's musical history. When these sounds make their way through the hands of a modern disco producer, the end result has a way of cutting straight to the groove and inspiring a sun-tanned, glow-y smile on the face. Balako is one such disco duo that has some serious credibility for their craft. They're pretty new on the scene but they have a mad scientist approach to music making; one of their latest releases "Jungle Music" features sounds of the jungle the duo recorded by hand. We are happy to premiere their latest on disco magic, "Batuque" via Razor-N-Tape

"Batuque" is a mystifying track; one I didn't really understand the first time I listened to it. It starts off relatively straight edged with a foggy and warm Portuguese vocal hook. But soon the track takes a sinister turn, tearing off into a demonic direction at the drop of it's all encompassing low ends. As the track unfolds, it bobs and weaves through waves of these acid bass-lines and lands perfectly in a pleasant chorus of Brazilian goodness. The tonal shaking around your ears may be confusing at first, but trust that these geniuses know exactly what they're doing.

On July 18th, the duos second ever record dropped on Razor-N-Tape; incredibly high acclaim for the relative newcomers. 

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