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Best Buy Isn't Ending CD Sales, But Will Significantly Reduce Them

Reports of their demise have been overblown, but space devoted to CDs at stores has been reduced.


There has been a lot of confusion about what’s going on surrounding Best Buy and their CD sales. You may be wondering who still buys CDs from Best Buy anymore, but they are starting to phase out their sales of CDs. Many reports, citing a Billboard report, have made it seem like the company ended their CD sales on July 1, but it isn’t that simple.

The company is scaling down their CD sales in the face of slower buying and the reality of the market. If less people are buying CDs, there is no reason to devote the same amount of store space to CDs.

"The way people buy and listen to music has dramatically changed and, as a result, we are reducing the amount of space devoted to CDs in our stores,” a Best Buy spokesperson tells Business Insider. “However, we will still offer select CDs, vinyl and digital music options at all stores."

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They will still offer vinyl and other music options, but CDs are being pushed further and further away from their primary offerings. This will likely hurt indie artists who were not the big sellers, but if a store wanted a well-rounded selection they would have smaller artists in addition to the mainstream acts. Now that seems less likely as the space devoted to CDs becomes smaller and smaller and what remains likely goes to mainstream acts.

How the wind down will happen depend on individual stores and Best Buy’s strategy, but there will still be some CDs in stores. However, there will just be a lot less going forward.

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