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Death By Audio Launches Limited Waveformer Destroyer MK2

Less than 100 units have even been made

Today, effect pedal company Death By Audio has launched their super limited Waveformer Destroyer MK2. The pedal is sort of an all-in-one, with 2048 different distortion possibilities thanks to 8 heavy duty switches. The company describes it as, "A veritable cornucopia of mutilated, all-analogue distortion, the MK2 harnesses the insanity and versatility of the original Waveformer Destroyer and puts the controls at your fingertips with eight readily accessible heavy duty switches. There are the same 2,048 possible settings, ranging from scooped to screaming to scary (if you want a polite touch of overdrive, look elsewhere). You configure the switches the way you want, and boom, the fuzz of your choice is available when you engage. Mix and match channels for far out combinations. Want to tweak the sound? You can, easily, right away. No menu diving, no opening up the pedal, no fuss. Just supreme functionality and nearly endless possibilities of sonic oblivion."

Basically, this pedal is no joke, and only 50 of them were made. Unfortunately, at this time of writing, they have all been sold out. But, perhaps the company will grace us with another limited run? Be on the lookout for our review of their Absolute Destruction pedal.

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