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Denver's Strava Craft Coffee Infused With CBD Is The Perfect Hangover Cure And More

What exactly is CBD and why should it be in your coffee?
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CBD has been making its way into mainstream conversations quite a bit these days, from moms with anxiety to athletes suffering from aches and pains, the positive attributes of this cannabinoid are becoming quite clear. 

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, this is cannabinoid that has become the most popular alongside numero uno THC, its psychoactive sibling. 

Recent research has shown CBD to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties all without the psychoactive bit that THC is known for. CBD is found in both the Cannabis and Hemp plant, but most of the stuff that is on the market these days is from Hemp, which is just far more abundant and legal for the most part. 

So yes the CBD revolution is fully kicking and if you are someone that suffers from pain, anxiety, stress, etc. it's definitely worth a try. There are a lot of ways to get CBD from straight oil to infused products, but none better than good old delicious coffee. 


The guys at Strava Coffee have entered the market with their line of CBD-infused whole bean coffee and we got some to take for a test drive. 

The Coffee - 

The CBD infused or Peace & Wellness line has three varieties Focus, Restore and Elevate. Each contain different Mg infusions of CBD, going from 30mg to 240mg. We tested the Restore (120mg) and Elevate (240mg) in our test. 

The coffee itself is delicious and holds its own with similar roasters like Handsome, Blue Bottle, etc. The taste is a nice well-balanced roast with the following tasting notes: Brown Sugar, Ripe Cherry, Natural Cocoa. I did not taste anything that that would indicate and infusion, but some coffee experts might pick up something. For most people, this just tastes like a delicious cup of coffee. 

The Brewing Process - 

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It's important to brew this coffee correctly or you could strain out the oil. Don't use a filter, use a French Press or similar method where your hot water is making full contact with the grinds and there is no filter. Use a grinder to get a course even ground and then use the normal ratio that you would to make normal coffee. I let mine steep for a little longer than normal just to get a stronger cup and make sure I was getting all the oil in there. 

The Effects - 

I consumed my first batch after a night of bourbon drinking, needless to say I wasn't in tip top condition the morning after. The Elevate (which is my favorite) got the job done quickly, I was feeling energized and dramatically better after a couple cups and a little bit of breakfast. My hangover was gone shortly after I consumed the coffee which was pretty amazing. 

In my other tests, I noticed an overall cleaner caffeine buzz, I wasn't jittery or filled with post coffee irritability. I was just stoked and feeling good after 2 cups or so, even 3 on some mornings when I needed some extra "get it done." 

The Restore also had a similar effect, so it was hard to discern the difference between them. I imagine if you suffer from chronic pain that the higher dose of Elevate would be your go-to bean in this line. 

Yeah, don't do this... When you think you can just add CBD Oil to your coffee you get this disgusting mess. 

Yeah, don't do this... When you think you can just add CBD Oil to your coffee you get this disgusting mess. 

Summary -

The coffee is a little bit expensive at its highest CBD dose coming in at around $55 bucks retail, but if you are a coffee drinker it's hard to go back to the other stuff after having this. If you don't have acute pain or anxiety the Restore or Focus might be just fine for you if you want to avoid the nasty effects of over caffeinating.  

Why can't you just dump your CBD oil into your coffee? Yeah, I asked myself that question too, as it does end up being a bit cheaper. Then I tried it and got a nasty puddle of oil in the top of my coffee, so from a taste perspective it will ruin your cup but it is possible. 

If you are looking for a healthier cup of joe that can take the edge off, crush a hangover and make the jittery bad vibes go away - this grinds for you. I would highly recommend this to any coffee drinker, and this brand is now a part of my morning routine. 

More Info on Strava Coffee Here.

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